Vendor FAQ’s

Below, we hope we have answered all the questions you may have to help you set up your store. If you need help, contact our support desk.


Anyone can sell in our marketplace.  You simply need to have upgraded to a vendor account.  More here.


  • You can sell digital products for immediate download after payment confirmation.
  • You can sell your products direct at your store, purchased via us.  Contact us for more information.
  • You can promote affiliate products from other stores.


The marketplace only permits products that are 100% vegan.

Products must also be from verifiable sustainable sources.


All products must clarify the origin of the product.  Buyers are growing more conscious of their carbon footprint and actively search for local products first.  It is our mission to simplify this option for them.

If you’re not sure where the product is manufactured or where it ships from, please check with the vendor first.

Currently, we do not permit the promotion or sale of products made in China.  It is our way of supporting the people of Hong Kong as well as the Uyghur people, both victims of communist abuse.


We do not accept the promotion of products made of plastic.

We do not accept products packaged with single-use plastic.

Only products made of recycled plastic will be accepted.


Please choose to promote products that are made of recycled paper.


You can promote affiliate products from other stores.

You can sell your own products.  Contact us for more details.


  1. Head over to your store dashboard
  2. Click on Settings from your dashboard menu to fill in your store details. Click save when done.  Hit Back to dashboard when you’re done.

See images below.  Here we go :

From your dashboard, click Add New Product.

Now for the product settings :

  1. Upload an image of your product.
  2. Add your product name
  3. Add your product price
  4. Select a category
  5. Add some tags (optional)
  6. Click CREATE PRODUCT to be redirected to the next page. You will be redirected to the next page (see image below)
  7. If you are selling a product directly and it is a digital product, please click both boxes Downloadable + Virtual.  You will be prompted to upload your digital product below.  If not, move on to 8.
  8. Add a short description to introduce your product.  This is the caption only. A single sentence should do.
  9. Add the full description of your product here.  Also, if you are promoting an affiliate product, you need to add the link to your affiliate product (with your affiliate link) in this box at the end of your description.
  10. If you are selling your product direct via OhSoGreen, you can manage your product stock in this section.
  11. When finished, click Save Product.

Go to your dashboard, click on the items you wish to delete, then click over the box Bulk Actions, pick Delete Permanently, then click on button Apply.

Please review the “Terms” section on this page to check if your product complies with our simple terms.

If you are still not sure, get in touch.


You can only sell via our marketplace as a PRO member.  Head over to your member dashboard to learn more.

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