First a quick introduction to OhSo – our platform is a growing vegan community that attracts people from all over the world that are curious about the vegan lifestyle, vegan products, eco-friendly hotels and events.

Our members are active across the platform, running their own channels, sharing recipes, and selling their products in our marketplace.

The interview series

A while ago, I was approached by a fellow vegan in Australia inviting me to participate in an interview, where I could introduce OhSo to her audience.  The word “interview” was a little daunting as I had never done any such thing.  But, I really enjoyed the process.  And I am really grateful to Justine, the blogger, for the experience.

I choose not to use social media to promote OhSo.  A measured decision.  Nonetheless, what I found was, even 2-3 weeks after the interview, I was still getting a steady, healthy, daily trickle of visitors coming over to OhSo from this interview.

So, it got me thinking.  The process is simple. It’s a fantastic way to introduce a business or blogger to my audience.  I pose simple questions that you, the interviewee can expand on as you wish, giving you the freedom to introduce your business in your own words, as you wish.

Some people have contacted us asking if we charge for this interview.  The answer is “Of course not!”  The interviews offer unique content for our members and visitors.  And that, for us, is a win.  For you, our interview provides you a healthy, relevant backlink back to your site.  We share the interview with our community so you can get some healthy traffic. If you share your interview with your followers then your backlink will get more and more readers, and, thus, more prominence for your business.  It’s a win-win situation for us all.

So, here’s how this is going to work :

1. The questions

The questionnaire includes simple questions designed to give you the space you need to expand on your answers in your own way, to introduce your business as you wish.  Because this invitation has gone out to different vegan businesses and blogs in different parts of the world catering to different people, some questions may not apply to your business.  In this case, simply don’t answer them.

Pick the questions you want to answer only.

2. The interview

Once I get your answers, I will prepare a short introduction to your interview.  I will add any material you provide me with – images, videos, podcasts, links to your site.

3. Pre-approval

Once it’s ready, you will receive a notification inviting you to pre-read the final text before it is published.  Please make sure you add our email to your whitelist to make sure you receive this notification because your interview will not be published without pre-approval from you.

To whitelist our email, simply add it to your contact list in your email provider.  Our email is [email protected]

4. Publication

Your interview will be published in the most relevant area of our community for your business.

I hope you enjoy the process.  If you have any questions before participating, you can contact me from here.


The interview begins here :

    Your Business or Blog name :

    Your website URL :


    Short promotional paragraph describing your business.

    How old is your business?

    Which country is your business located?

    By telling us where your target-market is, we will send out a notification to all members in our community located in that country to read your interview.


    In your own words, who do you cater to? What kind of people, age-group are you seeing most interest from?


    How was your business affected by the quarantine period of the pandemic? What measures did you take to keep afloat? How is your business now that we are re-opening?


    In your country, how do you perceive the local vegan & eco-friendly market, in terms of business and how do you see the local consumer? Is it growing? Stable?


    Give us a little background about your country and how veganism is perceived. Is there a cultural clash? Does local media give space to the vegan lifestyle in news channels, lifestyle channels, magazines, etc? Do local celebrities promote veganism?

    A little more background on the local vegan scene. Do major supermarkets, for example, in your country offer a good array of vegan products on their shelves?


    How do you manage to reach out to your clientele? Social media? Advertising? Other?

    A fact of life is that any trending subject-matter will attract internet marketers who come in looking for a fast buck. This is most certainly the case with the vegan trend. How do you manage to get past them and reach out to your clients?

    How hard is it for you to market your business?


    Can you give us a little background about your personal journey as a vegan? How long have you been a vegan? Why did you choose to adopt veganism?

    What drove you to open a vegan business? And what difficulties, if any, did you come across to achieve your objective?


    To add more "glitter" to your interview, how about adding a few images? Upload them here. Please keep them under 1MB.

    Consider a product image you'd like to promote, or a specific image to link to a specific article in your site. Or new recipe. Its up to you. Upload the image, then indicate URL of page to link to.

    Average image width : No less than 650px and no bigger than 900px.

    URL for image 1 :

    URL for image 1 :

    URL for image 1 :


    Did you know that when a video is attached to a page, over 78% will click to watch it? It's great for traffic and it's a great opportunity for you to grow your following. So, if you have a video, just place the URL here and we'll add it to your interview.

    URL of YouTube or Vimeo video :


    If you added the same email above that you used to register at OhSo with, your social media links will automatically appear alongside your interview.

    Thank you for participating in our Interview series. Please make sure you've whitelisted our email [email protected] so you don't miss our notification once your interview.

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