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Route 66 stories: 22/4/1988

Tempo di lettura: < 1 minutoIl 22 aprile del 1988, veniva presentato il film “Bagdad Café“. L’opera di Percy Adlon è incentrato su una donna bavarese che si ritrova bloccata

Let’s veganize everything

I'm so in.  I love the idea of taking a look that 's trending in a magazine and veganize it.  I love it. From crazy, new haute couture ensembles, to

Is organic clothing for your child worth the expense?

For the last 3 years, my kid has been organic'd!  I no longer buy cheap clothes made in China, loaded with ugly chemicals or dyes. My mom used to say

Eco-friendly home fragrances : The pet family must-have

GLASS DIFFUSER BOTTLE. AIR FRESHENER I love nothing more than to prepare my own homemade fragrances made from fresh, organic plants and let the fresh scent envelop my home. I

I used to be mocked for being a vegan…

Veganism has come a long way since I joined the club back in the 90's.  I recall going for lunch at my aunt's place for her birthday.  My cousins, brothers,

Eco-friendly me

My Eco-Friendly Life Store I pick & feature eco-friendly, vegan items that I and my family use in our own home. Check out my current selection. It really isn't hard

My very own scent

It's cheap.  It's fun.  It's organic.  And it's mine!  My very own perfume.  Since discovering how to make my own perfume, I have never looked back.  Sure, I still devour

Le 10 migliori attrazioni di New York City

Tempo di lettura: 3 minuti New York è una città sorprende, facile da visitare e per certi versi accogliente. Ma ha talmente tanti punti di interesse che spesso il turista

25 Versatile & Nutritious Lentil Recipes

Lentils are a mighty source of plant-protein and a game changer in vegan cooking. Here are 25 versatile & nutritious lentil recipes that I know you’ll love! Early in the

Focaccia and Tomato Sandwich

You all know that I love focaccia–making it and eating it. Well, a few months ago, I had some leftover focaccia, along with a box of my favorite Campari tomatoes.

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