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    Frugi: Sully Grippy Sock (ages 0 to 4)


    Made in India.

    It will be full steam ahead when your little one sets sail in these fab Sully Grippy Socks! A fab companion for helping with their very first steps, and for navigating their way across tricky wooden floors, these socks are ideal for keeping tiny toes warm and cosy.

    Made from 90% Organic Cotton Terry, 8% Polyamide and 2% stretchy Elastane
    In a Bright Sky Blue with a Dog and Boat design
    Fab grippy soles in fun fish shapes
    Contrasting rib cuffs in a Rainbow Stripe
    Steely Blue heels and toes


    SquidgeAndSquish: Play Dough (set of 3)


    Made in the UK.

    The perfect eco friendly gift for the little people in your life. This set contains 3 metal tins of natural, vegan Squidge and Squish play dough in your choice of colours with the option to add 4 mini metal cutters and/or a 23cm wooden revolving rolling pin.

    Colours currently available:
    – Red
    – Orange
    – Yellow
    – Green
    – Green Herb (smells like pesto!)
    – Blue
    – Ocean with blue eco glitter
    – Pink
    – Chocolate
    – Black Space with silver eco glitter
    – Firework Black with multi colour eco glitter

    Ingredients = wheat flour, salt, coconut oil, cream of tartar, vegetable glycerine, plant dyes


    Vegums: Starter Pack (60 pack)


    Made in the UK.

    60 Vegan Gummy Vitamins

    1 Months supply for Adults or 2 Months supply for Children
    Certified vegan by the Vegan Society
    Formulated by pharmacists with vitamins and minerals specifically for a plant-based diet
    Low in sugar (0.7g or a sixth of a teaspoon of natural cane sugar)
    Made with natural ingredients (coloured red with black carrots and flavoured with real strawberries)
    Suitable for adults and children over 3 years
    Completely eco-friendly packaging (contained in biodegradable cellulose bags and sent with a reusable metal Vegums tin, allowing them to be stored and carried plastic-free and conveniently).
    Vitamin quantities:

    Vitamin B12 800% RI, Vitamin D2 400% RI, Vitamin B6 145% RI, Folic acid 100% RI, Selenium 109% RI, Iodine 100% RI


    Natalia by Vital Touch: Baby Bottom Butter With Calendula For Sensitive Skin (15ml or 60ml)


    Our Baby Bottom Butter with calendula is free from aritifical fragrance and mineral oil and will heal irritation on sensitive skin

    Wonderfully soothing, softening and healing for little bottoms

    100% natural and organic with tea tree to fight infection and calendula for healing

    ‘This is really good! I really like it on my baby’s skin. You can use it anywhere on dry skin especially for the bottom as it is a oil substance and doesn’t dry the bottom out like many other products do!!’ K.Anderson, Brighton

    Vital Touch is ethical, sustainable and eco friendly


    Natalia by Vital Touch: Baby Special Skin Balm For All Over Healing (30ml or 60ml)


    Made in the UK.

    This Special Skin Balm will help heal cradle cap, is free from fragrance & mineral oils and is suitable for breastfeeding mums.

    Soft and smooth, gentle & absorbed quickly. Acts as a natural water repellent to prevent soreness.

    Multi purpose balm, can be used from head to toe on patches of dry or sore skin.

    ‘This cream has been fantastic and well worth the money – it’s pricey but you get what you pay for – we’ve used this on our newborn baby on dry skin areas and also at night on sore dribble rash under the chin – always gone in the morning. I personally have used it too on a sensitive skin grafted area. It’s such a gentle effective cream, our 60ml pot has lasted us nearly 6 months because a small amount really does go a long way.’ Sean, Nottigham

    22 Natalia products are available for pregnancy, labour and birth. There are six beautiful gift boxes available for the six different pregnancy stages.

    made from:
    Made from fairtrade Shea Butter from Burkina Fasa.


    Natalia by Vital Touch: Time For Mum Pampering Box


    Made in the UK.

    This beautiful gift set of pampering, organic skincare products uses professionally blended aromatherapy to encourage a new mother to relax and take it easy.

    Allowing time to look after yourself is beneficial for the whole family. Our Time for Mum gift box consists of premium quality organic products and would make a lovely treat for yourself or for a special partner or friend.

    Gift box includes: Mummy’s Yummy Bath Scrub (60ml), Time For Mum Bath Soak (100ml), Mum’s Miracle Balm (30ml), Fair Trade Organic Ultra Soft Wash Cloth.

    Made from 100% natural plant extracts which are suitable for sensitive skin. Natalia products are tried and tested on real parents, made in the UK and are ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.

    Six different gift boxes available for the six stages of new parenthood.

    The whole range: Features 22 supportive organic products for pregnancy, labour and birth.


    Natalia by Vital Touch: Guide to Labour Massage Set


    Made in the UK.

    An easy to use full colour booklet of simple labour massage techniques complete with a specially blended organic labour massage oil

    A useful guide for fathers who would like to learn how to support their partner through labour

    Simple to use with full colour photos, advice and tips written by pregnancy massage expert Katie Whitehouse

    Learning how to give simple labour massage can help you connect with your partner and your prospective new baby

    These techniques will help make you feel more confident about how to help your partner through labour


    Natalia by Vital Touch: Growing Pregnant Body Box


    Made in the UK.

    A beautifully packaged set of premium organic prenatal skincare, formulated to help you connect with your growing body as it changes.

    Designed to help address pregnancy niggles such as swollen ankles and stretch marks, our Growing Pregnant Body Box contains premium quality organic skincare products formulated to deliver pure and gentle care as your body grows and changes. Using specially blended essential oils, these products are designed to nourish your body and soothe your mind. This gift box makes a thoughtful maternity gift or a special treat just for you!

    Gift box contains Prenatal Leg Refresher 60ml, Prenatal Beautiful Body Scrub 60ml, Prenatal Anti Stretch Butter 30ml, Step by Step Guide to Pregnancy and Labour Massage, Fair Trade Organic Cotton Wash Cloth.

    There are 22 individual Natalia products and 6 beautifully packaged gift boxes for the 6 stages of new parenthood.

    Flawless: Hand Sanitizing Gel (30ml or 60ml)


    Made in the UK.

    Using 99.8% Isopropyl Alcohol Flawless’s plastic-free hand sanitising gel has a final alcohol concentration of 75% (v/v), in line with recommendations from the World Health Organisation

    Known for its powerful properties to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi the high alcohol content benefits from the addition of aloe vera to soothe the skin whilst Rosemary, Lavender & Tea Tree essential oil provide an extra boost due to their natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

    This eco-friendly hand sanitiser leaves hand feeling refreshed with a subtle scent and no sticky residue.

    Available in 30ml or 60ml jars made with recycled glass and aluminium, this zero waste hand sanitising gel is formulated with vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients. Each jar is provided with a wooden spatula for application.

    Buy from Wearth London

    Little Herbs: Baby Massage And Bath Oil (50ml)


    Made in the UK.

    100% organic. Pure, skin-friendly, and nutrition-rich, this gentle blend of seed oils offers your baby nothing but healthy happiness.

    The perfect oil to assist in keeping your baby’s skin in peak condition. There are no artificial additives, just pure, beautiful, healing, organic oils. Can be helpful in dealing with cradle cap or other dry patches.

    Use a few drops, warmed in your hands, to give your baby a delightfully soothing massage, to bring you and your baby even closer.

    Always working towards the heart in slow sweeping movements. Or put a few drops in your baby’s bath.

    Suitable to use from birth.

    Buy this together with our Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil – and enjoy the wonder of massage for you and your baby. And save yourself some cash too!

    Buy from Not on the High Street

    Balade en Provence: Bébé Pur Body Bar (80g)


    Made in France.  Use voucher code PROVENCE10 for 10% off until 30th September 2020.

    Formulated for babies, pregnant women, and those with sensitive skin, our Bébé Pur Body Bar is a 100% natural & fragrance-free cleanser for the face, hair, & body.

    Enriched with coconut oil, grapeseed oil, colza oil, clay, and shea butter to soothe, moisturize, and protect the skin, hair, & scalp.


    Herbowski: Calendula Oil (60ml or 160ml)


    10% off with code LIVINGWWARMTH10

    Made in the UK.

    Calendula Oil is great for dry skin, baby care, wound healing, aids symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
    Our Organic Calendula Oil is an extremely soothing and nourishing product with a vibrant tangerine colour and a subtle floral aroma. Your skin will receive a good bulk of the benefits, thanks to the oil’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and related properties.

    Buy from Etico

    Moksa: Bump Balm (30ml or 120ml)


    Made in the UK.


    This beautifully soft and nourishing bump balm has been formulated especially with your precious bump in mind.

    Using only 100% natural and vegan-friendly nutrient dense ingredients, it contains calendula, rosehip, sea buckthorn and shea butter which are all incredibly nourishing, and renowned for their effectiveness against stretch marks.

    It is also gentle enough to use on sore nipples, breast stretch marks, babies bottoms and any other areas in need of an extra bit of tlc.

    Instructions of use – Gently massage a small amount into tummy. Can also be used on nipples, breasts, babies bums and any other areas in need of hydration.

    Suitable for use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Buy from Wearth London

    Silvan Skincare: Mama’s Balm (60ml)


    10% off code LIVINGWWARMTH10

    Made in the UK.

    Our award-winning Mama’s Balm is rich in organic shea butter, plant oils and calendula. With ultra-nourishing papaya and mandarin to heal and protect, its multi-tasking properties soothe stretch marks, dry patches, nipples and babies bottoms.

    Massage gently into dry or sore skin and stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

    Buy from Etico

    Printable Vegan Whole food Pantry Items


    Say hello to a vegan whole food play kitchen, assured to delight any Clever Coconut who eats for the planet, animals and their health. I designed these for my vegan daughters as I noticed the kitchen play food on the market wasn’t what she consumed in her daily life. So I thought I would share it with you and achieve inclusive play in all play kitchens around the world.

    This is a PDF booklet of 12 beautifully designed vegan and gluten free groceries for you to make for your child’s pretend play kitchen. It’s a perfect addition to our wooden vegan playlet or on it’s own.

    These 12 pieces are instantly accessible as a digital download for you to print at home or take to your local print shop such as Officeworks. All you need to do is print, cut, fold and glue them together! Included in the download is an easy to follow instruction sheet to help you achieve the best result.

    You will need white card (or paper), scissors, glue, access to a computer with a PDF viewer and a coloured printer in order to make these beautiful vegan wholefood grocery items.

    Items include
    • Organic cacao powder
    • Organic chick peas
    • Organic lentils
    • Nutritional yeast flakes
    • Vegan Chocolate cake mix
    • Buckwheat Pancake mix
    • Organic vegan sausages
    • Strawberry coconut ice creams
    • Vegan Pizza
    • Choc Crunch Cereal
    • Hulled Tahini paste
    • Organic almond butter

    All items have a barcode on them for extra imaginary fun, your clever coconut will be running their own vegan grocery store in no time!

    Buy from Etsy

    V is for Vegan – The ABC’s of Being Kind


    Printed on recycled paper. Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth. Published by North Atlantic Books.

    Introducing three- to seven-year-olds to the -ABCs- of a compassionate lifestyle, V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan and vegetarian parents, teachers, and activists! Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humor to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand, teachable format. Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment. Sure to bring about laughter and learning, V Is for Vegan will boost the confidence of vegan kids about to enter school and help adults explain their ethical worldview in a way that young children will understand.

    Look for recycled, second hand books on eBay, Oxfam or Preloved.


    That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals – A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians and All Things Living.


    Printed in the USA on recycled paper. Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth. Published by North Atlantic Books.

    That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals uses colorful artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers (ages six to ten). Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the book features an endearing animal cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quail, turtles, and dolphins. These creatures are shown in both their natural state–rooting around, bonding, nuzzling, cuddling, grooming one another, and charming each other with their family instincts and rituals–and in the terrible conditions of the factory farm. The book also describes the negative effects eating meat has on the environment. A separate section entitled -What Else Can We Do?- suggests ways children can learn more about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, such as: -Celebrate Thanksgiving with a vegan feast- or -Buy clothes, shoes, belts, and bags that are not made from leather or other animal skins or fur.- This compassionate, informative book offers both an entertaining read and a resource to inspire parents and children to talk about a timely, increasingly important subject.
    That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals official website: http: //

    Hardcover: 48 pages
    Age Range: 6 – 9 years

    Look for recycled, second hand books on eBayOxfam or Preloved.


    Just Like Me! Vegan colouring book


    Printed on recycled paper in the UK.  Written and illustrated by Stanley Foo.

    A 40-page colouring book for mini-vegans.
    Children will love colouring in the characters from Stanley Foo’s picture book JUST LIKE ME! A simple message that will subtly instil the basic vegan principal that animals are FRIENDS NOT FOOD!

    Each page contains a fun ‘Did You Know?’ animal fact!

    PLUS – Colour in and create vegan posters to give to family and friends! It’s never too early for children to start spreading the vegan message and tell everyone how much they LOVE animals!

    Based on the debut picture book JUST LIKE ME!.


    Gwen the Rescue Hen


    Printed in the USA on recycled paper. Written by Leslie Crawford and Sonja Stangl. Published by Stone Pier Press and distributed by Chelsea Green.

    This coming-of-age story…scratch that…this coming-of-chicken story begins with a hen named Gwen who is stuck in a tiny cage in a dim egg-laying warehouse until she is suddenly swept up by a fierce tornado. Sprung into the big cage-free world, Gwen dodges dogs, stares quizzically into the eyes of a huge plastic chicken, and barely misses getting run over by a motorcycle. She is rescued by Mateo, an 11-year-old boy, who is just as clueless as Gwen is about what chickens do. But he realizes she s in danger and takes her home to keep her safe. Together they eventually learn how very cool it is to be a chicken. The book includes a bonus section called More About Chickens, where curious readers can learn that chickens have extraordinary eyesight, a complex language of 30 sounds, and are descended from dinosaurs, among other fun facts.

    Look for recycled, second hand books on eBayOxfam or Preloved.


    Sprig the Rescue Pig


    Printed in the USA on recycled paper. Written by Leslie Crawford and Sonja Stangl. Published by Stone Pier Press and distributed by Chelsea Green.

    Things aren’t looking good for Sprig, who is packed into a fast-moving truck with dozens of other pigs. He doesn’t know where they’re going but his nose knows there’s something better out there.
    So with one dramatic leap, or really more of a tumble, Sprig sets out on a pig-centered adventure that leads him to his new best friend, a girl named Rory. Inspired by true events, this light-hearted tale introduces kids to an intelligent and inquisitive pig who finds his way to an animal sanctuary.
    The book includes a bonus section called “More About Pigs,” where curious readers will learn that pigs are smart enough to play video games, enjoy sleeping in cozy pig piles, run really fast, and other amazing facts.
    Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig, said of the book: “May Sprig help people to see what wonderful individuals pigs truly are.”
    Sprig the Rescue Pig is the first children’s book in our series on farm animals, perfect for ages 4 to 7.

    Look for recycled, second hand books on eBayOxfam or Preloved.