everything can change overnight
if we want it to


How many days would you be willing to pledge?

Here’s the challenge :

From 1 January 2021, how many days will you pledge to NOT purchase anything packaged or made of new plastic?

It won’t be easy.  These days, everything in the supermarket is packaged in plastic.

But, there are alternatives.

And if we can gather enough people to pledge just a few days of their entire lives to pledge NOT to consume plastic, big business will notice.

In a matter of days, everything will change.

All it takes is your pledge.  Simply make a public pledge of as many days as you think you can handle.

Let's go viral

With your help, we can reach more people to pledge a few days of their lives each.  With every new pledge, we will be that much closer to making 2021 that year when everything changed.  For the better.

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Pledges received

Some of the heroes who have already made their pledge to go plastic-free in 2021.

Anne-Marie Tyrne

90 D

I want to be part of the solution. So, I am pledging 30 days. Thank you. My whole family is joining in.

Beatrice Cabannes

30 D

Fantastic idea!! 30 days for me. With intention to convert to 100% plastic-free as fast as possible.

Jack Elstrom

90 D

My wife has been converting our home to a plastic-free domain for the last 2 years. But we're still not 100%. Proud to join your challenge.


90 D

I am most willing to join in. Thank you for this!!

Amelie Violante

90 D

Excellent campaign. Won't be easy these days but I am IN. I'll start with 90 days with goal to transition to a plastic-free home from… Read more

Excellent campaign. Won't be easy these days but I am IN. I'll start with 90 days with goal to transition to a plastic-free home from thereon.

Maria Crespo

15 D

15 days. Just a start. Thank you for this campaign!!

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