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Vegan skincare from France

Vegan skincare from France

From France, we introduce you to Mawena, a vegan & organic skincare brand that is catching the eye of the community. Here is our interview with Helena Mendes, Mawena’s representative.

Welcome to OhSo. Tell us a little something about your brand.

Mawena is a vegan, cruelty-free, organic skincare line created through the prisms of green beauty for all, engagement and inclusivity. The brand has a 100% Mayan Women’s cooperative in Mexico and donates a percentage of proceeds for each product sold.

Where are you located?


Who do you cater to? What kind of people, age-group are you seeing most interest from?

Our customers are people who refuses to compromise between their convictions and the product quality.

If they brought Mawena is because they want to make sure they have a positive impact first but also want to use the best natural, vegan and organic skincare product they deserve.

How old is your average customer?


How was your business affected by the quarantine period of the pandemic? What measures did you take to keep afloat? How is your business now that we are re-opening?

All our retailers were closed at the same time so we lost a lot of money from that perspectives obviously.
But we continues to produce hand sanitizer for the hospitals.

Now we are mostly back to the normal business.

In France, how do you perceive the local vegan & eco-friendly market, in terms of business and how do you see the local consumer?

It’s clearly growing. More and more people want to change their consumtion either it’s in beauty or food.

For a local perspective, give us a little background about your country and how veganism is perceived. Is there a cultural clash? Does local media give space to the vegan lifestyle in news channels, lifestyle channels, magazines, etc?

In France, veganism is not accepted by everyone yet. But it’s clearly changing. 10 years ago it’s was a bad word. Now we have politician, journalist and influencers who talk about their convictions. It a lot much easier now to be vegan. They are is nothing to be ashamed anymore if I can say.

How do you manage to reach out to your clientele? Social media? Advertising? Other?

A fact of life is that any trending subject-matter will attract internet marketers who come in looking for a fast buck. This is most certainly the case with the vegan trend. How do you manage to get past them and reach out to your clients?

How hard is it for you to market your business?

We are trying to be more transparent as much as possible. We share our lab, our fabrication process, our community. We make it as simple as possible.
We talk about who we are and why we are good at vegan beauty. I think that why people supports us as a beauty brand.

A little more background to the local vegan scene. Do major supermarkets, for example, in your country offer a good array of vegan products on their shelves?

Yes, they do. It’s much more easier to find local vegan products nowadays in shelves.

What drove you to open a vegan business? And what difficulties, if any, did you come across to achieve your objective?

Not really. It was obvious that our business will be vegan so it was super easy to formulate our product. No discussion or compromise behind this.


We’d like to thank Helena Mendes for participating in our Interview Series, a project designed to introduce new vegan brands to our community. The local perspective is also an integral objective of our Interview Series, so we can better understand how veganism and the eco-friendly markets are growing. Visit Mawena.

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