Since the pandemic struck us, the way people consume has changed.   People are buying everything they need online.  And they’re planning their lives online too – from booking vacations, making appointments at hairdressers ahead of time, or pre-booking a table at a restaurant.  So, give your customers what they want.  Give them the ability to make appointments, book their next holiday at your hotel, buy tickets online for your next event.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are a community of people who wish to live in a people-friendly, eco-friendly and animal-friendly world.  We actively seek out service providers who cater to our lifestyle – a vegan lifestyle.  If you cater to our kind, you are welcome.

You will need to be a verified member to start accepting bookings.  Generally, you will need 5 positive reviews for a moderator to start verifying your account. We do this for our and your customers to know they are in the hands of professionals.  If you wish to know more, contact us.

We use Paypal to send your payments to you.

When a customer pays for a booking at your hotel/property, the transaction will immediately appear in your dashboard under Bookings.

However, we will hold on to the payment until the check-in date.  On this day, you can withdraw your payment direct to your Paypal account.

Alternatively, you can stipulate a cut-off date.  For example, you can clarify in your terms that no refunds will be made within 78 hours of check-in date.  If this is the case, we will have that payment available for you to withdraw within 78 hours of your customer’s check-in date.

On the day of the appointment, your payment will be available to you for withdrawal.

We are located in the EU GMT+1.  From 0900hrs, on the day of your appointment, we are sending out payments to you.


To speed up your payouts, you can stipulate a “cut-off date” for your customers to know that refunds for cancellations will not be accepted within, for example, 78 hours of the appointment.  If this is the case, we will make your payment available on your cut-off date.

We’re here.  Access our customer desk here.  Please use the same username you used to register with us so we can help you faster.

Casual Business Owners If you want to keep it simple, here are a few ways to use our directory to grow your business

Business Directory

A simple listing in our Vegan Business Directory. A message box is readily available for interested customers to reach out to you directly. Great for list-building!

Accept Pre-Bookings (No payments)

Say you own a restaurant. Let people book a table in advance. No payments up-front. But knowing how much business you can expect will help you plan better for your days/weeks ahead.

Professional packages For serious business owners, go a step further and give your customers more options.

Event tickets

Sell tickets for your upcoming events. Perfect for food markets, shows, festivals, cooking courses, yoga name it.

Accept Appointments

For hairdressers, makeup artists, spas and other businesses offering services, why not let your customers book an appointment with you with an up-front payment? People like to book ahead. And knowing how much money to expect ahead of time will help you plan better.

Hotels & Property Bookings We are on the verge of leaving the lockdown and people are eager for a getaway. Once you are a verified member, you can start accepting bookings for your property.

Hotels & Inns

Accept bookings at your property. Perfect for hotels, bed & breakfasts, farmstays and inns.

Short-term rentals

Got an eco-friendly property? Accept bookings right here. Our community is all about eco-friendly!

Spas & Resorts

Accept bookings in your spot - perfect for yoga retreats, health spas and other properties offering a vegan getaway.