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Route 66 stories: 15/4/2017

Tempo di lettura: < 1 minuto Il 15 aprile del 2017, iniziava la demolizione del Tropics Restaurant, un punto di riferimento della Route 66 a Lincoln, Illinois. Venne aperto nel

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La Route 66 di John T. Davis

Tempo di lettura: 2 minuti Photo by bruno neurath-wilson Nel corso degli anni ho avuto la possibilità dio vedere svariati film legati alla Route 66, alcuni interessanti, altri meno, ma

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Route 66 stories: 10/4/1929

Tempo di lettura: < 1 minuto Il 10 aprile del 1929, veniva aperto il Big Chief Hotel, un nuovo hotel turistico nella Route 66 a Pond, nel Missouri. Il Big

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Route 66 stories: 5/4/1933

Tempo di lettura: < 1 minutoIl 5 aprile del 1933, Carmen Ferrari di Gallup affittò un terreno sulla Highway 66 proprio sul confine di stato New Mexico/Arizona e realizzò un

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Noi vegani, quelli strani…

Tempo di lettura: 2 minuti Noi vegani siamo quelli strani, siamo quelli che non mangiano bambini di altre specie, quelli che preferiscono l’empatia al menefreghismo, quelli che rispettano la natura

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Rebels & Renegades: license plates Oklahoma

Tempo di lettura: 3 minuti Lo Stato degli OKIES (così vengono chiamati i suoi abitanti oggi)…lo STATO DEI SOONER, i coloni che giunsero qui, capaci di costruire una città nell’arco

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Roberto Rossi

Travel Writer

ROBERTO ROSSI was born in Arezzo in 1971. He graduated with a diploma in electronics in 1990 but always had a passion for photography and travelling thanks to his father who was a professional photographer and the many friends who inspired him to want to visit new places.
“When I was little I used to be fascinated by travel agencies. When no one was looking I would steal the glossy brochures and imagine I was in those strange and beautiful places. I was 16 when I went on my  rst journey to Morocco and since then I have been all over the world.”  e USA always exerted a strong in uence over Roberto, a nation which he has got to know gradually and intimately from the East Coast cities to the great parks and the West Coast. His  rst book, published in 2017, was the result of an intensely felt journey across America on Route 66 (Route 66, an American Myth is available on Amazon). Roberto is an artist, a traveler, a motorcyclist and blogger whose blog in Italian, Vegani in Viaggio, has amassed a devoted following. His books, photos, and advice are unique and always worth taking in.
He has been a vegan for many years and a cat owner for many more. He works manly in graphics which gives him a perfect eye for capturing an essential image. Roberto is a natural story teller and has never lost that childhood enthusiasm for discovering new places:
“Buon viaggio to everyone, whatever journeys life should o er!!”
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