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Why visit Tonbridge? Family outing town near London

Just half an hour by train from central London, Tonbridge is in many ways more convenient to visit than places which are actually in London. It has seen the biggest

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Sustainable Asian shop

Eating is a big deal in Hong Kong, and there is a thriving vegan scene. Small town vegetarian Taoist cemetery Seen Koon seats ,480, and ‘Big Buddha’ Po Lin Monastery

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The world is a volcano

Obsession of the week has been volcanoes. I’m really enjoying it. I think it started with The Snail and the Whale (print activities) and a sticker book atlas. Find more

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Baby led pottying course code & comp

I spent the festive season filming videos for my new online course about toilet training little babies (also called elimination communication). It is part of a new vegan school, opening

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Vegan Kids Shoes: Prize draws and reviews

Vegan Kids Shoes: Prize draws and reviews We’re giving away three pairs of vegan kid’s shoes from: ,Young Soles (worth £56 to £98), ,Happy Little Soles (worth £12.99 to £65),

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Vegan takeaway tips- guest blog for The Wandering Mother

I wrote this Veganuary guest blog about ordering food for home delivery as a new vegan, and some of the best vegan takeaways in Greenwich for the Wandering Mother:

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Vegan inclusion consultant for parents, schools and workplaces

Laura Chepner is a teacher, environmentalist, and vegan-inclusion educational consultant from the United Kingdom. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 with a BA in Primary Education and specialization

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Sadhana Forest is my home. By Yorit Rozin

Yorit Rozin is a mother of two, and co founder of Sadhana Forest – a vegan reforestation and sustainable living community in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India. Her book of

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Vegan virtual play- Zoom games for all the family

Since the lockdown started, we’ve been meeting my family on Jitsi every evening.  We like Jitsi because there is no need to register for an account, and we use the

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Review of T. Veg book for kids about veganism and bullying

Breeze ‘Sistah Vegan’ Harper is an academic, author, consultant, and mother of four ‘sistot’ vegans.  She is well known for her critical race feminist speeches… and here she reviews a

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Violet’s Vegan Comics- Where are you going Deidra?

Guest vloggers, Violet’s Vegan Comics are prolific vegan children’s authors and illustrators, with a Vegan Story Time video series on Youtube. This is the story of a cunning cow with

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V is for Vegan, and other alphabets

Alphabet books for vegan children. V is for Vegan- the ABCs of being kind by Ruby Roth is an introduction to compassionate living. Animal Alphabet Flashcards have facts about animals

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On OhSo I have a: Vegan Kids Channel, Vegan Kids Group and Vegan Family Guide website listing. I am a full time parent.  I live with my partner and toddler in a cohousing project.  Before I became a mother, I studied and worked in: childcare, environmental geography, international development, fairtrade, adult education, ecovillages, and vegan projects.


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