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What’s in my Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper Bag + Review

We’ve come a long way, from sharing What’s in my purse to now giving you the scoop on what’s in my cloth diaper bag. Who knew, I’m still kind of

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Alternatives to Dyeing Easter Eggs

Are you trying to find alternatives to dyeing Easter eggs? Your reasons might be varied. It might be because you are vegan, because you don’t like hard boiled eggs, you

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First ever playable vinyl made from single-use plastic

I am an advocate for a cleaner, smarter, more eco-friendly way of life.  Because it just makes sense.  We know what we know, and not making a change towards a

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When meat producers get on the veggie wagon – an interview with Imperial Meat Products

“As a known brand we can lure customers of our meat products to buy our meatfree products” It was pretty close to unthinkable a couple of years ago, but today

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Top 10 Vegan Belts for Men of 2020

h6 ...

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Vegan Book for Beginners: ‘Vegan Or We’re Gone’ by Muthukumar Ramalingam

Today, on Valentine’s Day 2021, we bring a book review of the recently published book, ‘Vegan Or We’re Gone’ by Indian vegan author, Shri. Muthukumar Ramalingam. This book is a

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We Visit The Best Vegan Restaurants In London | SO VEGAN

Get your copy of our cookbook So Vegan In 5: We always get asked where are the best vegan places to eat in London. So we decided to spend

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We Found The Craziest Alternative Market In London // Vegan Street Food

When people think about shopping in London, they usually envision all of the luxury chain stores. I personally think the best shopping in London is a bit more unique than

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Vegan Eats in LONDON 🇬🇧 | Travel Vlog

Some epic vegan foodporn in London–featuring (almost) everything I ate in 3 days! C L I C K F O R L I N K S M E N T

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Please join us at we take you on a tour of some of the awesome restaurants that sell vegan food here in London. From Bethnal Green to Brick Lane to

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Vegan Italy – Visit to an Italian Olive Grove

After trying so many delicious vegan dishes made by their host Maria, Shae and Marissa had the chance to visit her olive grove and factory to see how Oropollo EVOO

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Vegan in Naples and Pompeii

Shae and Marissa spent some time in and around the city of Naples, Italy to not only find some places to eat, but also to find some beautiful places to

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