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We curate

We conduct a daily search of what the vegan blogosphere is posting.

We aggregate

We grab the best from the vegan blogosphere – posts, recipes, videos and podcasts. Then we archive it by niche so that its easy to find.

We create

We write our own stuff too. And our collection of interviews with the vegan business world is a hit with our visitors.

We propagate

Partnering with Ethical Ads, we are able to share all that we curate, aggregate and curate to millions of people.

Targeted local traffic to your blog every day

On average, 70% of our platform’s visitors also visit our directories – people want to know what is happening near them.

People are looking for local business near them.

People want to learn about everything happening near them – new business, local news, events, you name it.

We’ve been tracking what people want the most, and, no doubt, local is king.

So, add a pin to our local map :

  • a blog post
  • a Youtube video
  • a podcast
  • an event
  • a product
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